Self-employment is rapidly becoming the best option for work-life balance. When people think of self-employment, they often think of entrepreneurship, which is high risk and often involves considerable start-up costs. What is becoming recognized more widely is the low risk, low cost option of self-managed contract work in which one markets an existing skill to a range of customers. It is low risk because you are already known to be good at the skill. Start-up costs are low because you can usually find initial customers relatively easily and then expand through word-of-mouth referrals. In North America, if you create this type of business, you can qualify as a “solopreneur” for a group benefit package through the Chamber of Commerce. So the question becomes is this an option that would work for you? Try the quiz below to see.

Is Self-Employment Right for Me?

For each of the items below, rate yourself from “1” (strongly disagree) to “5” (strongly agree). When you are finished, add up your ratings and check to see how you have scored.

  1.  I like the idea of being my own boss. _____
  2. When things go wrong, I can get myself into a positive frame of mind. _____
  3. I enjoy listening to what people need and fulfilling that need. _____
  4. I have a skill that I love and at which I excel. _____
  5. I have a “can do” attitude. _____
  6. I am comfortable asking to be paid for my work. _____
  7. I am able to hear “no” without taking it personally. _____
  8. I enjoy meeting new people. _____
  9. I am skilled at asking others if they are satisfied with my work & if they will refer me to others. ____
  10. I am good at organizing my work. _____

Interpreting your score:  Your total score is ____ (out of a total of 50). [insert]

Score of 44 or higher: You have many of the foundational qualities needed to succeed in self-employment.

Score of 35 to 43: You have some of the preferences and attitudes of people who have succeeded in self-employment. With some mentoring or coaching, you could probably be quite successful.

Score below 35: Probably self-employment is not a work life choice for you. Your preferences and attitudes are different than those of people who have succeeded in self-employment.

To help you decide whether or not you want to pursue self-employment, here are some reasons why people choose to switch to self-employment:

  • Able to work from home
  • Flexible hours
  • Able to focus on work you enjoy
  • Virtually unlimited income potential
  • Involves personal growth
  • Success is linked to your own efforts