Employment & career counseling services

Employment and career counseling services are key to helping people succeed in their work lives. Those services, however, are shaped by assumptions about what work life success means and need to adapt to changes in the world of work. They are also influenced by what are believed to be the key factors in being ready to succeed in the world of work, whether self-employed or employed by others. The Employment Readiness Model™ has been outcome validated through three years of field research, and is comprised of the nine factors critical for work life success. The model can be measured by using the Employment Readiness Scale™, with 79% predictive accuracy.

Work occupies over one-third of our waking life. Our satisfaction at work and our ability to support ourselves and our families financially play a large part in how we experience the quality of our lives. The following are some of the additional resources that are available to employment and career counsellors as a result of Dr. Riddle having worked as a career counselor and consulted with governments on the development of employment services:

See Labor Force Development for resources on developing ongoing career management skills and soft skills.