Service innovation

Service innovation is key to remaining competitive in services because how a service is designed and delivered is, in large part, not protected by patent or copyright. Yet most of the innovation literature and government incentives are focused on product (goods) innovation. Service innovation can occur in:

  • The design of the service
  • The delivery of the service
  • How the service environment is managed and supported

The following are a series of booklets, each with 10 questions and answers, to help you maximize your innovation success:

  1. Service Innovation: Explains what it is and the interaction between cultural values and innovation processes.
  2. Challenges in Innovation: Help in managing the risks and challenges of innovation in domestic and export markets.
  3. Concept Development in Innovation: Provides ideas and suggestions for how to engage customers and staff in the innovation process.
  4. Training Staff to Innovate: provides ideas and exercises for how to train staff in continual innovation.
  5. Managing Innovation: Provides models for managing the innovation process in both domestic business and export initiatives.

Dr. Riddle has also written the following handbook, published by the International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO in Geneva: