Service exporting tips

Service exporting how-tos are critical because much of the material provided on exporting either ignores service exporting or else treats it as thought it were the same as goods exporting. Because of the riskiness involved for the customer as well as the four modalities of service export (as compared to the simple cross-border exporting of goods), there are particular strategies that can help increase the likelihood of services exporting success. Each of the documents below contains 10 questions and answers for exporters on the particular topic. Whichever topics you choose to review, do begin with the Network Exporting Model™ as it is significantly different than the traditional goods exporting model

  1. The Network Exporting Model: A description of how best to leverage referrals into export markets to reduce customer perceived risk.
  2. Deciding to Export: Tips on how to decide whether or not to export.
  3. Preparing to Export: Tips  on how you can get ready to export and how you can determine if your firm is export ready.
  4. Choosing Your  Service Export Market: A Kit that walks you through a four-step process that can be completed quickly based on your existing knowledge of markets without the need for expensive and time-consuming market research
  5. Finding Initial Customers in Export Markets: Tips on how to leverage your network of contacts to develop export markets and locate potential new customers.
  6. Developing International Credibility: Tips on quick ways to build your credibility in new markets.
  7. Managing Cultural Issues: Explains why cultural issues are important, provides examples of the ways in which cultures differ, and gives tips for how to address cultural issues.
  8. Choosing a Market Entry Strategy: Tips on how to enter export markets both domestically and abroad, as well as how to choose and work with a local partner.
  9. Temporary Business Travel: Tips on how to manage business travel abroad.
  10. Service Design for Export Markets: Tips on designing and pricing your service for foreign markets.
  11. E-Trade for Services: Tips on promoting and exporting services via e-trade.
  12. Quality Assurance and Exporting Services: Tips on managing quality assurance and types of quality management certifications.
  13. Financing & Getting Paid: Tips on how to work with your banker, how to finance export market development, and how to make sure that you get paid for your services.